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ISA – Nagpur city branch (ISA – NCB) has been registered as a society under Society Regulation Act, 1860 in the year 200 . ISA – Nagpur city branch was constituted in 1973-74. ISA – Nagpur city branch is accredited by Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), Mumbai for conducting various Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes.

Dr. Gauri Arora

Dr. Gauri Arora
President, ISA NCB - 2023-24

Presiden't Message

Respected Senior members and colleagues,

I feel honoured to be chosen to lead this prestigious organisation for the tenure 2023-24 which has been lead by the stalwarts like Dr. R.K. Pradhan. Each President and their team have immensely contributed to the growth of this prestigious organisation and set a new benchmark. I congratulate the previous team lead by Dr. Rashmi Shingade for the spectacular performance throughout their tenure. I express heartfelt gratitude for giving me the opportunity to carry the legacy. 

Today the role of anesthesiologists are not confined to the operation theatre only, but expanded much beyond which is also the theme of our tenure – ‘ Anesthesia redefined: care beyond boundaries’! In our tenure we are planning to have different academic and non- academic activities for overall growth and better participation of members and their families. 

We shall come out with four issues of esense in the tenure 2023-24, the first issue shall be on the occasion of WORLD ANESTHESIA DAY 2023 having two articles dedicated to the occasion. I thank the contributors and request for more academic and non- academic contributions from the members and wish all the best to the esense team. Please go through the interesting articles.
Long Live ISA! Long Live ISA NCB!

From the editorial team

Dear members,
A very happy World Anesthesia Day!
Dr. Sheetal Samel
Dr Sheetal S Samel


Consultant Anesthesiologist,
Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Dr. Neelesh Mathankar
Dr. Neelesh Mathankar


Consultant Anesthesiologist,
Viveka Hospitals, Nagpur

For the anesthesiologists across the globe it is a festival of celebrating the pride and joy of being the one. It is a time when we revisit our glorious past and pay tribute to our forefathers for their courage, tenacity and enthusiasm to make the surgery pain free. 

This issue of E-sense contains the contribution from our members taking us through the astonishing journey of Anesthesia. Visiting Ether Dome is a pilgrimage for any anesthesiologist. Our members are also sharing this surreal experience in this issue. 

In ISA-NCB, we celebrate the World Anesthesia Day with much zeal and zest. It is the perfect occasion to release the first edition of E-sense for the current year. We urge the members to go through the articles and give us feedback.
Thank you.

Down memory lane...

Dr. Vidula Kapre
Dr Vidula Kapre
Sr. Consultant Anesthesiologist
Neeti Clinics, Nagpur

14th August 2017 is forever etched on my mind as a very important day in my life. We were at Boston for “World Congress on Thyroid Cancers”. My husband Dr Madan Kapre was leading the Indian delegation for “India Session” which was introduced in the World Congress for the first time.

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Dr. Vidula Kapre
Dr Kiran Vyawahare
Consultant - Anaesthesia and Pain
Past President, ISA NCB

It was on 10th September 2018, that we reached Boston for the World Pain Congress. I was thrilled at the thought of presenting a paper at the World forum. The idea of experiencing the research and innovations at the International level was exhilarating. The Boston convention centre was enormous with a huge exhibit area.

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