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ISA – Nagpur city branch (ISA – NCB) has been registered as a society under Society Regulation Act, 1860 in the year 200 . ISA – Nagpur city branch was constituted in 1973-74. ISA – Nagpur city branch is accredited by Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), Mumbai for conducting various Continuous Medical Education (CME) programmes.

Dr. Gauri Arora

Dr. Gauri Arora
President, ISA NCB - 2023-24

Presiden't Message

Dear Members,

I feel extremely privileged that I have been given the responsibility to carry forward the rich legacy of our prestigious organisation ISA-Nagpur City Branch. Our organisation is now having more than six hundred members and me and my team have been organizing various activities keeping in view the holistic development of the members, be it academics, personality development programs, sports, financial growth or professional safety, from time-to time. ISA-NCB has a large number of members who are into freelance private practice. We at ISA-NCB have always tried to address the issues of the members and kept their concerns at top priority, e.g. by organising programs dedicated to member welfare. Through our e-newsletter ‘e-Sense’, we have tried to address to serious health issues, like in the second issue, our members tried to create awareness about our social commitment ‘Mission- No tobacco for safe anaesthesia’, through different articles. The third issue of e-sense has been dedicated for the member welfare, which includes articles related to the problems and solutions of private practitioners and the family benevolent fund. Various other articles related to fitness, travelogue, stress management, striking professional balance, creative ideas, etc. have been included in this issue to give it a completeness. I hope you all are going to enjoy reading this issue. 

Long Live ISA! Long Live ISA NCB!

From the editorial team

Dear members,
Season's greetings!
Dr. Sheetal Samel
Dr Sheetal S Samel


Consultant Anesthesiologist,
Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

Dr. Neelesh Mathankar
Dr. Neelesh Mathankar


Consultant Anesthesiologist,
Viveka Hospitals, Nagpur

We Anesthesiologists have to bear the brunt of an inconsistent schedule. This leads to lack of sleep and irregular eating habits, often resulting in poor nutrition, compromised physical fitness and stress.

This issue of E-sense, titled "ISA-NCB FOR ALL", is dedicated to well-being of members. Our esteemed contributors are guiding us to mitigate these challenges in this issue. Please go through the articles and give us your valuable feedback.

Happy reading!  


Dr Shital Dalal
Dr Shital Dalal
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anaesthesiology, IGGMC,
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Dr. Rajendra Rai
Dr Rajendra Rai
Consltant Anaesthesiologists, Nagpur

ना बात ऐतबार की ना बात ऐतराज़ की,
बात है तेरे मेरे एहसास ओ ज़ज्बात की,

जाने कितने रंग तेरे घुल गये है मुझ में,
बात उन सारे रंग बिरंगी लम्हात की,

कभी नोकझोंक कभी तंज ओ मस्ती,
बात कभी मनाने तो कभी शरारत की,

रोशनी में जैसे परछाई और अंधेरों में साँसे तुम,
बात सर्द रातें गरम दोपहर और बरसात की,

होती है आज़माइश ए इश्क़ हर त्यौहार में,
बात हर राबते से लेकर हर रात की,

हर रंग से सजी है ये "होली" रंगों वाली,
बात तेरे मेरे प्यार और सौग़ात की,

रंग गयी है रूह अपनी एक दूसरे के रंग से, राज
बात ये अब हमारी ज़िन्दगी और ज़रूरत की..